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The symbolic peaks of Gran Canaria will be our travel companions throughout this route where walkers are greeted by pine trees and endless beautiful palm groves.
The route starts at the well-known “Pico de la Gorra”. This peak is famous for its stunning panoramic views of the summits of Gran Canaria. The path goes on to open out on the beautiful pinewoods typical of the area and the very characteristic greenery of the summit. This route mostly goes downhill.
The walk goes down to “Santa Lucía de Tirajana” taking the stone path of “Vueltas de Adeje”, where you will fall under the spell of the magical landscapes and the fresh bucolic fragrances of this charming village in the south east of Gran Canaria. “Vueltas de Adeje” is the name given to the pastoral and mountainous territory located in the north of the municipality, where you can gaze up at the imposing summits.
The route ends in the municipality of “Santa Lucía de Tirajana”, a perfect spot to behold vast palm groves making their way down old tracks, deep ravines and extraordinary landscapes, such as the “Caldera de Tirajana”, which will guarantee to take your breath away.
At this point, we will see the lovely “Casas Rurales del Olivar”, a pretty group of country houses where we will relish local delicacies, surrounded by nature and magnificent views onto the caldera, home to many palm trees. These country houses of El Olivar used to be part of an ancient estate, which goes back to the time of the Gran Canaria conquerors' first settlements. The traditional features of their buildings are absolutely stunning.
  • Pico de las Nieves
    This peak is known as the highest point of the island of Gran Canaria. It is located in a place named Morro de la Agujereada (1956 m.).
    In the old days, snow was stocked in 7 wells located in the surrounding area. 3 of these wells are still intact today.
    The snow was compacted in the wells to make ice and store it. Once compacted, it was transported to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the backs of cattle. It was taken to the former Military Hospital (today the building houses of the Dean´s office of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), and the Cathedral of Santa Ana.
    Snow was mainly used for medicinal purposes and to preserve food, but it is also said that the first lemon sorbets were made with that ice.
  • Vueltas de Adeje
    name given to the pastoral and mountainous territory located in in the north of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, near the crags of the former mountain chain. This path was historically used for the transhumance of goats and sheep in search of green grass when summer came.
  • Caldera de las Tirajanas
    Aboriginal name. The region of Tirajanas, which in the past had only one jurisdiction, split into two parishes and municipalities in the 19th century. The two territories kept the name Tirajana, the oldest being San Bartolomé, when the lands were conquered, and then Santa Lucía.
    In the pre-Hispanic period, a grouped population, probably linked to Fataga, used to exploit the ravine bed for agricultural purposes and domestic use for the houses of the area.
    The Caldera is an erosive depression which extends over thirty five square kilometres. The origin and evolution of this geologic depression is due to a great number of landslides.

Route and interactive profile

Mid Difficulty
10,8 km
4:00 - 4:30h
+ 70 m
- 1.250 m

  • Itinerary

    Pico de la Gorra-Cruz del Socorro-Vueltas de Adeje-Santa Lucía de Tirajana-Casa Rural el Olivar.
  • date

    Wednesday, 23th Oct 2019
  • Picking up Participants

    08:00 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    08:00 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés
  • Return

    17:00 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    16:30 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés

This route Includes:

  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Picnic
  • Guided tour and interpretation of the natural, ethnographic and cultural values of the island
  • Transport to and from Las Palmas de GC and Playa del Inglés
  • Specialized guides on trails in different languages
  • Tasting Canarian products

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